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Applied Superconductivity Seminar Series

Submitted by Susannah Speller on Thu, 06/04/2020 - 20:19

We are running a new series of weekly online seminars on Applied Superconductivity to give researchers in the field an opportunity to present their work and to strengthen networks in the community.  The events are particularly aimed at giving early career researchers a forum for presenting their work, but we also welcome industry speakers and more experienced guest speakers.  Please contact Dr John Durrell (University of Cambridge) if you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive announcements about upcoming seminars and suggestions for future speakers should be sent to Prof Susie Speller (University of Oxford).

The majority of the talks that have already taken place have been recorded, and can be found here.


Thursday 11th June

  • 2 pm: Dr Greg Brittles, Tokamak Energy, "HTS magnet development at Tokamak Energy".
  • 2.30 pm: Yvonne Baird, University of Edinburgh.

Thursday 4th June

  • 2 pm: Muhammad Ali, University of Strathclyde, "HTS ring-shaped magnets".
  • 2.30 pm: Kevin Kails, University of Edinburgh/Univsersity of Bristol, "Electromagnetic design of direct-drive superconducting machines".  

Thursday 28th May

  • 2 pm: Dr Michael Parizh, GE Global Research, "Superconducting Magnets for Magnetic Resonance Imaging"

Thursday 21st May

  • 2 pm: Dr Tayebeh Mousavi, University of Oxford, "Developments of persistent mode joints between technological superconductors".
  • 2.30 pm: Dr Dominic Moseley, University of Cambridge, "Pulsed field magnetisation of magnesium diboride".