The Oxford Centre for Applied Superconductivity has a series of new experimental facilities to address the current projects identified with the industrial partners, and new projects that will be initiated as the Centre expands. Researchers in the Centre will also have access to existing facilities in the Department of Physics and Materials.

Experimental facilities in the Materials Department:



Panalytical Empyrean X-ray Diffractometer 

Powder and texture analysis.


ILabs instrument booking


Attocube Magnetic Force Microscope 

Low temperature magnetic imaging.


AttoDRY 1000

Flexible cryo-free superconducting vector magnet (9T/3T) platform.


TSST Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) facility

Thin fim growth of superconducting device materials.


David Cockayne Centre for Electron Microscopy

The Department of Materials has always has an extensive range of instruments for electron microscopy and microanalysis. 


Experimental Facilities in the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford Physics 



new 16tppms

16T Physical Properties Versatile Measurement System

power supply critical current

Critical current measurements up to 1000 A. 

capacitor bank


Nicholas Kurti Pulsed Magnetic Field Laboratory

A newly upgraded 3MJ  capacitor bank will supply energy to create short pulsed high magnetic fields up to 70T.

cfas magnet21t

Oxford Instruments 21T Superconducting Magnet 

Superconducting magnets up to 21 T with VTI insert to allow temperature sweep between 1.4K to 200 K.

cfas magnet265

15-17 T Superconducting Magnets

Superconducting magnets up to 17 T used mainly with home-build probes for transport, torque and specific heat measurements. A VTI can be adapted to allow the temperature to be varied between 1.4 K to 100 K.

Gallery Photo

Oxford Instruments Triton Cryofree Dilution Refrigerator